Pet Clinic!




Free Energy Clinic for Pets!

Cats, Dogs, Birds, Horses, Rabbits... 

Improving the Well Being and Life Quality

of your Beloved Pets!

11 February 2023

Does your beloved pet suffer from some kind of problem, pain or challenge?

This free Energy Clinic for all pets and companion animals improves their overall health, enhances the physical functions and boosts their well being. 

In this distant Session for pets/ animals I apply the Quantum Improvement method offering relief and strengthening.

Especially the companion animals and pets face a lot of challenges and many times they take on the stress and problems of their owners and the people around them. This session promises to provide relief and a hug of love and care.


Some of the issues that can be addressed:


• Improving your relationship with your pet.

• Activating non verbal, telepathic communication.

• Understanding your pet more, clearer perception as to what their problems and needs are.

• Supporting animals throughout surgeries and faster recovery.

• Eliminating fears.

• Strengthening skeletal and other body structures.

• Correcting physical functions.

• Behavior improvement. 


How to enroll your pet:


Send us an email to with the following: 

Your full name (owner)

What animal /pet is (cat, dog etc)

Describe briefly your issue or request in 1-2 sentences.

A photo of the pet (optional)


The energy clinic will take place on the 11th of February 2023. There will not be any live broadcast, everything will take place over distance on your behalf. The only thing you have to do to enroll your pet is to send us the information as mentioned above.

This session does not replace professional vet care and advice. We support and enhance the work and cooperation with vets for the best possible outcome for our beloved pets.

With love and support,

Frixos Christodoulou