M. Magdalene - Love Code!

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Ignite the flame of the heart and restore the lost sacredness!


Maria Magdalene energized myrrh helps us reclaim the deeper connection of the heart with the inner Light, the integrated Christ. The sacred myrrh holds an important place in tradition which is used to pass down the gifts of spirit.

The myrrh is used traditionally for the christening mystery after baptism in order to transmit the gifts of the Holy Spirit where in other occasions it is used to sanctify the altar, sacred objects, for coronation of kings, emperors etc.

Maria Magdalene range was born through the seminar “The Flame of Mary Magdalene” which is presented by Angels House all over the world the last years. Its deep read color, the rich and special myrrh fragrance, touch every heart with living love.

All range is made and activated with love and gratitude by Angels House

Maria Magdalene - Pistis / Sophia

Aura & Room Spray for the creation of a sacred atmosphere filled with peace and blessings. The golden labyrinth on the bottle symbolizes the journey of the soul to the heart, the sacred rose - the center, the union with the Christ self and liberation.

Guided by our inner Christ, as an embodiment of divine wisdom (Sophia), we can transcend the earthly boundaries and enter the inner mystery. The soul with true Faith (Pisits), strengthened by the power of Sophia, can follow the path of deliverance.

Spray a small portion and allow yourself to be empowered by the touch of Mary Magdalene - Pistis / Sophia, as it will be enfolding you with love. Qualities: Emotional Healing, Alignment with the Light, purpose and inner guidance. Activation of divine virtues. Chakra column activation, Alpha and Omega. By spraing into room the codes of the bottle are transmitted and activate a luminous spiritual field of harmony, joy and blessing. 

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Maria Magdalene - Sacred Myrrh

For alignment, to enrich the aura and open the rose of the heart.

Feel the touch of love through sacred silence as you will be spreading just a small portion of myrrh on the wrists, third eye or on other body parts to activate, purify and expand. The Roll-On has the perfect size that can be easily taken with you anywhere you are, to apply and center yourself anytime!

Qualities: Psychic protection, empowerment, christening. Closes energy wounds (emotional, mental, spiritual). Forgiveness. Healing of the heart. Independence.

Sacred Rose Essence

Mary Magdalene Sacred Rose Essence promotes emotional and mental balance. Helps in diminishing worry, anxiety stress and confusion, giving us the space to breath in peace and move on with clarity, good mood and perspective.  

Activated with love frequencies, it allows the body to absorb the energy information on cellular level; balancing the energy centers of the head and harmonizes with the natural flow of life. Put a few drops in a glass of water and drink. 

Healing Applications!


Maria Magdalene Range is suitable for meditation, healing, prayer and more. Also it is useful when working with:

Female - Male side balancing of self

Clearing fears, worries, shocks

Connection with Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, Holy Spirit

Heart opening and guidance

Twin Flames.

Connection with the angels of love.

Mother - Father archetypes and inner child

Flame of the heart, aura, chakras, meridians

Healing issues of the heart

When you need more Light and support in your life. 

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Connecting deeply with Mary Magdalene - Angel of the Christ!

Take a few moments to calm yourself and to reconnect with the center of your heart. Here you may wish to say a heartfelt prayer for whatever may be concerning you or make a wish.

Spray with Maria Magdalene a few times, with the intention your space to be activated with divine Love and Light.

Spray above the head and shoulders. Come in contact with the heart in sacred silence and soak in the ocean of love surrounding you. Call to Mary Magdalene and ask to fill you with peace, love etc and to bless your space. Stay in this space for meditation or for as long as you wish, absorbing the energy vibrations in your bodies.  

The Holly Grail Clearing & Aura Expansion!

This method can by used to start your day or any other time you need strengthening and alignment.

Apply the Sacred Myrrh - Mary Magdalene on your wrists forming a spiral. Bring wrists together, close your eyes, calm yourself and connect with your heart, the center of unconditional love.

Raise your hands up, forming a chalice as you bring your wrists together and palms open like a cup, the “Holly Grail”. Make the following request “I invoke Mary Magdalene to make me a chalice of her energies and to activate the portals of the Christ consciousness”.

Raise your hands up, forming a chalice as you bring your wrists together and palms open like a cup, the “Holly Grail”. Make the following request “I invoke Mary Magdalene to make me a chalice of her energies and to activate the portals of the Christ consciousness”.

Then repeat the same steps for each of the rest six chakras.

To complete the clearing bring your wrists close to your nose and take three deep breaths.

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