Secret Alchemy



Energy Sprays & Roll-Ons in delicate bottles for mystical experiences...

...that take care of the body, mind and spirit with love!


Why Secret Alchemy?

 In a world where “magic” is lost, Secret Alchemy comes to awake joy, the inner spark and passion for life! Authentic fragrances from pure essential oils of high concentration were chosen carefully for each bottle. Flowers, herbs and incenses from all over the world were combined in our alchemy laboratory to promote well-being and balance.

The power that is hidden in flowers and herbs that grow with natural ways is truly immense and has the dynamic to transform, relief and heal. In contrast to the synthetic fragrances of modern science, the living quintessence of the essential oils work in amazing ways!

 The oils that are used to make the Secret Alchemy come from biodynamic gardens and this is one of the reasons for the long lasting fragrance! The special bottles protect the containers from the harmful sun rays, preserving the fragrance and the subtle healing qualities. 

Through the activation process applied for Secret Alchemy the vibrations and information are imprinted in a way that are assimilated fast in the bodies subtle anatomy. 

A powerful synthesis and union of nature’s kingdoms and heaven.


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Put your energy clothes on!

 We see each bottle as a living being, with its own essence or identity. A garment of light for the soul. So when spraying the aura with Archangel Michael, we vibrate our consciousness with these qualities.

We clothe our self with the qualities we need this moment, this day, this period. We embrace and become the spiritual essence of Archangel Michael (eg power, courage) unlocking those qualities and virtues in our life.


Spray & Go..!

Secret Alchemy Sprays work as a fiery and fast way to boost your energies. Spraying a small portion you release the fragrances and the energy vibrations of the bottle.

Spray your space to spread out the vibrations of the Archangel or Ascended Master and to create the atmosphere and environment you need.

Aura caring couldn’t be easier!

Spray above the head and shoulders and have a shower of light and fragrance...



The Roll-Ons contain the same fragrances with different vibrations in order to work more on the physical and etheric body, enhancing your energies from the inside out!

Spread a small portion on the wrists or palms, rub them together and then clear your energy body by passing the palms around every part of the body (without touching) like showering yourself. Then inhale the fragrance of the bottle by taking deep breaths, thus embodying the vibrations through the power of breath!


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Secret Alchemy are ideal as a perfume too!

Perfect for healing, meditation, channeling, prayer and any kind of energy work or simply to create a pleasant atmosphere. All parts are recyclable in respect to the environment.

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