SIRIUS 33 Divine Transformation


With Frixos Christodoulou


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Release your energy - Improve your Life! 


SIRIUS 33 Divine Transformation


Do you feel stuck? And that nothing changes?

Say goodbye to endless hours of discussions and analysis that get you nowhere!

Most of the challenges and blocks we face have their roots in aspects we ignore, in the hidden unconsious sides of being.

Divine Transformation Sessions are focused on results! By applying a new approach through the quantum field we remove easily and effectively the causes stopping you from moving on in your life!


How it works


Each human transmits a total of vibrations which shape their reality. Many of these signals we emit are disharmonic and thus manifest as blockages, symptoms, diffucilties in life etc. In this session I identify these "signals" and I reprogram them in order to serve your highest good.


For every life aspect:


Emotional Challenges.

◉ Improve Physical Performance.

Relationships Improvement: Personal, Family, Romantic Relationships.

Abundance, Work, Prosperity.

◉ Self Confidence, Enthusiasm, Better Communication.

◉ Opening new opportunities.

Alingment with Goals and Purpose etc.


Book an appointment


This session can take place at Angels House or over skype, viber etc.

1 Hour Session: 100€

3 Sessions Discount Package: 300 / 240€

For appointment contact us or book online:




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