Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journey to Egypt

 10-19 February


With Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


egypt march 16 111


Stairway to Heaven!


10 days of Initiation at the time of the Solar Eclipse!




We invite you to an exciting trip of meditation and harmonization in the magical land of the Nile, the Pyramids and mystery!

We will visit many sacred sites and powerful places from Cairo, Luxor to the borders of Egypt to the South, crossing the line of Earth Kundalini and experiencing extraordinary light codifications in the ancient centers of initiation.

It’s about a unique life experience that will journey you and open your path in wonderful ways. Read below what will happen during this trip, the detailed program plus information regarding the cost at the end of this page.

We can’t wait to travel with you in the energetic gates of light and the hidden power places. Let’s start together the ascent of the Stairway to Heaven!




Thousands of years ago, when Atlantis sunk under the waters, a big part of Knowledge was transfered by the initiates and the order of Melchizedek to the land that today we name Egypt. As a result this Knowledge led to the flourishing of Egypt and the creation of a civilization that still makes us wonder.

This wisdom was coded to the enormous Egyptian temples and the pyramidal constructions. The sacred science of healing, astronomy, music, mathematics and sacred geometry were applied carefully to the structure of the temples, the hieroglyphics, the alignment of the buildings, as well as to the aetheric realms where the ancient mysteries and the higher awareness are held.

This is one of the reasons why many people are fascinated by the Egyptian civilization and are attracted to enter its mystery. Actually many light workers since their childhood have a strong calling to visit the great pyramid and the temples of Egypt.

Most of us, who feel this connection and call, have lived in Egypt and Atlantis, while others are connected to the evolutionary thread of “History” which takes them back to Atlantis. The soul connections to the order of Melchizedek, the Angels, the Christ consciousness, Mother Goddess and even the galactic civilizations like the one of Sirius, could be part of your own story, which invites you now to remember and awaken it!

Maybe there is something for you in those sacred sites that will serve like a trigger to ignite rapid changes and rapid expansion of your consciousness.

We have travelled to Egypt more than 8 times and it always reveals its treasures through the rich wisdom, the simplicity and its beauty. We invite you to be part of this journey which will touch the deepest levels of your consciousness.

It will enrich you with gifts, awareness and blessings that no book can offer. Egypt spreads an aura of light that is radiated to all the latitude and longitude of Earth and shows us the way to the unification with the Soul, the union of man with God.




Imagine for a moment that you are aboard the solar boat of Ra and sail the Nile next to the ancient initiation temples. Traditionally there are seven main initiation centers in Egypt, which correspond to the human model, the seven chakras, the seven levels of initiation.

Along with the minor initiation centers, they guide us through a path of refinement and expansion of our consciousness. They help us to the creation of the stairway which leads to heaven, to the higher realms.

It is about the internal process that all the candidates for initiation follow, the same way as it was experienced by thousands before us who opened the way. These temples are guardians of the wisdom and are initiation centers where the candidates were trained for many years in order to prepare themselves for the initiation.

In our days a lot has changed and the process of the preparation has changed as well. We don’t live anymore in an era that we should retire for years in a deserted place or abandon every day’s life in order to enter a mystical school of mystery or a temple. On the contrary the process of the initiation defers and wisdom is available to all. Initiation is achieved and anchored through every day’s life.




The first facet of our journey is to guide you through a transformation that combines personal healing, awakening, expansion of your consciousness and activation of your light body. This is a continuous process that takes place not only during the time of meditation but during the whole trip.

Nobody can walk through the path of initiation if they can’t anchor the wonderful realizations and the wisdom they receive through their actions on Earth and their relations to other people. It is a healing journey which has in every moment the power to ignite within us deep healing, cleansing and realizations.

On top the 15th of February we will experience the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, which will support the personal healing of each one and through this will bring the gifts of liberty, independence, courage for advancement and new openings in life.

The second facet of this trip is to support the networking of the global energetic grid. During this period a new energy flows into our planet which is very supportive, bringing numerous blessings and synchronicities. This energy is so pure with high vibration and full of grace. It connects to Love and is very direct in its expression.

The obstacles most people face are due to the fact that they are not open and aligned to the new energy. The patterns they carry from past evolutionary cycles block them from experiencing this current state of grace. During this trip we will work with letting go of all these old patterns from the human collective and of course in relation to Egypt and the history of humanity.

We will create new energy paths and connections to the inner realms and Ashrams – Power Centers that are located there. This task is connected to the anchoring of a new advanced model for humanity and human relations plus a further opening of the heart. All this effort will be overlighted by the being known as Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days.

We will contribute to the restoration of specific energetic links that were lost thousands of years ago and at the same time we will strengthen the construction of the new planetary body. It’s a task that is embraced by the luminous hosts of the inner planes and support the purpose of this trip, which is much bigger than us.

More information regarding this work will be shared with you during the trip in a live co-creation with the Masters and the beloved beings of the inner planes, who will guide us in our every step.

Every day that is passing in the land of the Nile, we will open together the Gates of the Stars and we will ascend the Stairway to Heaven, into the starry embrace of goddess Nut.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou.



Dive into the magic of the Egyptian Temples 10-19 February!


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  • Saturday 10 February: Flight to Luxor

Departure to magical Egypt and the renown city of Luxor which doesn’t look like any other place in the world, since it is considered the biggest outdoor museum of the world. The quantity and quality of its monuments make it the second biggest attraction of Egypt after the pyramids.

All participants from Greece will meet in “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport at 14.00 for our departure for Luxor via Cairo, arrival in Cairo at 17.50.

Participants from other countries should schedule their flights so that they arrive in Cairo latest by 20.00. More information regarding the flight schedules you will find in the participation information section.

Arrival in Luxor at 21.55 and we will be met by our travel agent and friend Michel Ayoub, who will be our guide throughout the whole journey. We pick up our luggage and go through passport control.

We will be transported with our private bus to the hotel Sonesta St. George (5 stars) where we will dine all together, honoring the beginning of the journey. Our hotel is located on the banks of Nile and has a panoramic view over the Kings Valley. Accommodation and check in to our rooms.

(Dinner at hotel is included)

  • Sunday 11 February: Dendera and Abydos - Time-Space Portals

egypt march 16 16

The second day of our journey is dedicated to two very important temples in Dendera and Abydos. The ancient temple of Dendera is far from Luxor so we will spend the whole morning to go there and experience the magic of this temple intact by time. Out of all the temples we have visited in the past this was the one we felt the energy texture of the Egyptian magic alive.

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Hathor, who represents the ascended civilization of the fifth dimension. Hathor is also the energy dame of men, Mother Goddess for the entire world, similar to Isis. She helps us providing unlimited love and deep ascension teachings.

Her worship is unusual as her priests were both men and women, while most ancient Egyptian deities had only priests of the same gender. She was worshiped all over Egypt but her main religious center was in Dendera. We will seat inside the temple of Hathor for a healing meditation for recovery and cleansing of our emotional body.

Then we will head towards the North valley of the Nile, to the religious center of Abydos, very important center to the first dynasty. In this town the ancient Egyptians were celebrating every year special feasts doing a fictitious burial of the god and then his triumphal resurrection even during the greek-roman age.

egypt march 16 16.1

We will seat in the mystic temple of Abydos for meditation and through the time portals that are opening here and we will bring an anchoring of light, grounding the energy of Mahatma and Lord Melchizedek for acceleration of the ascension and of the light body. We have ensured a special permission for the whole group in order to have plenty of time inside this brilliantly decorated ancient temple, which was rebuilt by Seti I.

Behind this temple Osirion is located. A place of personal pilgrimage and meditation dedicated to God Osiris and includes seven temples. We will pass through the golden walls full of hieroglyphics towards Osirion and the multidimensional tunnels of the desert and we will sit in the ancient temple for our next workshop. It’s a big gift to enjoy this unforgettable experience. The ones present on this place, are really chosen to be light workers on Earth. 

Late in the evening we will return to our hotel in Luxor for rest.

(Breakfast and lunch in local restaurant are included)

  • Monday 12 February Valley of the Kings and Temple of Ascension

egypt march 16 112

Early in the morning we have added an optional fly in a hot-air-balloon for the adventurous which take off over Luxor, the temple of Karnak, the Kings Valley, the Nile and nature at the time of sunrising.

After breakfast we will visit the West bank for a guided tour. Our first stop will be in the Colossus of Memnon with the two gigantic statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Their initial function was to guard the entrance of his tomb. There are many reports that often during February one to two hours after the sunrise strange noises are heard from the north colossus. The first to report them was the Greek historian and geographer Stravon, who claims that he, heard the noise during his visit the 20th b.C. The legend of “Vocal Memnon” has influenced many and at the base of the statue are approximately 90 scribes of contemporary tourists who mention if they heard or not the noise.

Then we will proceed to the complex of Dayr al-Bahri where we will visit the three floors compound of Hatsepsut part of the Necropolis of Thebes. According to the Egyptologist James Henry Breasted, Hatsepsut is known as “the first important woman of the known history”. The center of this compound Djeser-Dsejeru means “holy of holies” and is the temple of Hatsepsut, a paradigm of perfect symmetry built before Parthenon and was the first compound built in the area she chose, which was to become the king’s valley.

We will continue to the housing of the workers Deir El Medina with the Ptolemaic temple dedicated to Goddess Hathor. The ancient name of this housing was “Set Maat” which means the “Place of Truth” and the workers living there were called “Servants of the Truth”. During the Christian era, the temple of Hathor was converted to church and that’s why is called Deir El Medina meaning “the Monastery of the town”. We will sit here for an ascension meditation. Any information received during this meditation will be shared with the whole group as channeling or as part of the workshop.

egypt march 16 113

We conclude our morning tour to the sepulchral temple of Ramses III in Menid Habou which is an important structure of the New Kingdom in the west bank. Besides the enormity, the architectural and artistic importance, the temple is probably known as reference for many registered relieves depicting the arrival and defeat of the seaborne people during the kingdom of Ramses III. 

When we finish our workshops in the west bank we will have lunch in a local restaurant before returning to the east bank. Then we will embark the luxurious cruise Nile Premium where we will spend the next four days. Time to settle in our cabins and rest.

Late in the afternoon we will visit the Ancient Temple of Luxor. On the etheric level of Luxor is anchored the Temple of Ascension, where the ascended Master Serapis Bey holds the Flame of Ascension for humanity. It is one of the most important nodes of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Sirius for the anchoring of the energies for this era. We will stay here for a purifying meditation and activations with the ascension energies.

We finalize our evening tour in the enlightened temple of Ascension and continue for a walk in town, in the souks for an Arabic coffee in a local café. 

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner on cruise are included)

  • Tuesday 13 February El Karnak - The Outdoor Museum of the World

egypt march 16 10

After breakfast on our boat we will visit one of the biggest worship monuments of ancient Egypt on the east bank, the temple of Karnak. The area of the Temple is a huge outdoor Museum and the biggest worshiping place of antiquity. It’s probably the second most visited archeological site of Egypt after the pyramids of Giza.

This temple in the past was called Ipet-Isut meaning “The Most Selected of Places”. It represents the the path of the Sun in the sky and the continuation of the solar flame  through the ages. It was dedicated to the “Trinity of Thebes” which consists the Egyptian Holy Family of Ammon Ra-Mout and Honsou. It is remarkable that the temple is aligned to the North-West axis of Alpha of Lyra (Vega), the Polar Star of 12.000b.C. and the rise of the equinoxes.

Since the time of the Middle Kingdom, Karnak was the most important Temple of Ammon Ra, king of Gods. There is a huge complex consisting of different temples, covering an area of 260 square meters and during the period of Ramses III was occupying 80.000 workers. The ancient Temple of Ammon Ra is the biggest temple of Egypt and bringing awe with its grandeur, its vastness and its beauty and is one of the biggest religious complexes known to archeology.

Initially we will proceed to the temple of Shekmet, the lioness goddess, who is related with the fiery aspect of purification and symbolizes the battle of positive and negative elements of the universe, of life and death, the steady, stable, eternal of universal order and the harmony between heaven and Earth.

It is the creative fire, the activation and the force of life. She is depicted with a solar snake, on her head, which is the symbol of rebirth and of the life current and a sun, on her head, which is the symbol of offering, of the light giver. She is also holding a scepter, affirming the vertical, the honor to the words and deeds and an Ankh as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and passage to other worlds.

egypt march 16 114

Shekmet is the guardian of the world against evil!

She is often depicted as the guardian of the house who is calm and quiet but if needed can become fierce as a outraged lion. Sometime she is associated to the snake. The snake is the symbol of the healer, visionary and guardian of the gates of life and death. We will seat on the ancient temple of Shekmet for an attunement-initiation next to Goddess Shekmet’s statue standing inside the sanctuary. Any information received during this meditation will be shared with the whole group as higher communication and part of the teaching.

Then we will visit the recently renovated temple of Khonsu and we have ensured special permission for this. Honsou is the god of the Moon, part of the “Trinity of Thebes” with his mother Mout and his father Ammon. His name means traveler and this could be associated to the nocturnal travel of the moon on the sky. Along with Thoth was denoted the march of time. Honsou contributed to the creation of the new life to all creatures.

Closing our contemplative tour we will visit the temple of Osiris with the seven gates which symbolize the passing through dimensions. Osiris and Serapis are considered as Gods out of the zone. According to the Persian mythology the heaven was divided in zones. The gods living inside the zones were called Zonaioi while the one living outside the zones were called Azonoi.

So the Zonaioi gods were closer to Earth and were visible by men while the Azonoiι were invisible. In later historical years was believed that Azonoi gods were worshiped by all people while the Zonaioi only locally. Under this belief Osiris and Serapis Bey are considered as Azonoi gods.

Return to our cruise for lunch. Follows free time for rest in order to enjoy the comforts of our cruise and the amazing view as we are sailing to Esna dam.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner on cruise are included)

  • Wednesday 14 February: Edfu – Kom Ombo – Ancient Temples

egypt march 16 12.2

We have breakfast and disembark in order to visit the sanctuaries of the ancient city of Apollo. Edfu was known as Behdet and by ancient Greeks was called city of Apollo. The town is known for the temple of Horus the solar god of Egyptian mythology. He was connected to Apollo and was depicted as falcon or with human body and falcon head.

The temple was built during the Ptolemaic dynasty and is the second larger temple of Egypt after Karnak’s. As per Egyptian mythology it was here that Horus killed Seth and in this spot housing was created. In antiquity in this place was the ancient housing of Behdet where Ptolemy built on a hill the temple of Horus which was completed 57 b.C. One of the most well preserved temples waiting to uncover its secrets.

We will be guided through the chambers of purification, offerings, etc. We will seat inside the ancient temple of Horus for our next attunement. Any information received during this meditation will be shared with the whole group as higher communication and part of the teaching.

As soon as we finish our contemplative tour we return on cruise for lunch. We continue our cruise on the Nile heeding for Kom Ombo. It’s time to relax and enjoy the green banks of the Nile, its sandy shores succeeding the green of cultivated lands which travels us to another age.

egypt march 16 12

We continue our cruise on the Nile heeding for Kom Ombo. It’s time to relax and enjoy the green banks of the Nile, its sandy shores succeeding the green of cultivated lands which travels us to another age.

Short before sun setting we arrive in Kom Ombo, where we visit the temple of the crocodile god, Sobek, one more temple with the seal of the Hellenistic Pharaonic period.

This double temple dedicated to god Sobek and god Haroeris still holds deep healing and rejuvenating energies connected to Sacred chakra. We will stay here for a meditation which brings the energies of purification of old cycles of life and opening to a new path.

We will enjoy the magical sunset in Kom Ombo and then we return on cruise for dinner. It is the most beautiful place of Egypt to admire the unrepeatable colors of the Sun as it sets. It’s true magic. We continue our sail to Aswan.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner on cruise included)

  • Thursday 15 February Abu Simbel – Solar Eclipse and New Moon

egypt march 16 117

This day is dedicated to the renowned temples of Abu Simbel, a monument of Universal Heritage. We take breakfast early in the morning and we depart with our private bus south, to the west bank of Nasser Lake which is 290km from Aswan, in order to see those two wonderful majestic temples dig inside a hill of pink sandstone, with the gigantic statues who bring awe with their dimensions.

At the entrance of the Great Temple are built four statues, 20m each. The altitude of the whole façade, where those statues are carved, is 30m and the length 35m, while the depth is 60m. The orientation to the east of the Great Temple is such that every morning is shed by the sun shine, while during February and October at sunrise, the sun rays were up to the sanctuary and illuminated the faces of the statues. This proves that it was built with complete astronomical accuracy to the movement of the sun.

The Small Temple is carved in a hill to the north of the Great Temple. The façade has a slight inclination, so that its dimensions are reduced at the higher part. Its length is 20m while the depth is 25m. The statues at the entrance are 10m tall, standing with different types of crowns and represent the royal couple. The temple today is one of the most famous touristic destinations of Egypt, as it has been restored and is guarded very carefully by the authorities.

egypt march 16 116

On top this day we will experience the energies of the Solar Eclipse (which will last till the 12th of July 2018), and supports the dilution of the obstacles, driving us to bring a new example in our relations, our health, the freedom and the expression of our self.

Why it is important to be “present” during the Solar Eclipse? In the traditional Buddhist teachings they recognize that meditation and spiritual work during a Solar Eclipse are increased by 10.000 times.

The Sun represents the Soul, while the Moon the personality. During a Solar Eclipse the Soul and personality are completely aligned, creating a “zero” moment in the consciousness. This is a very powerful gate for our consciousness through which our Divine Self can beam, causing immense transformations. It is also a Gate of Spiritual Truth, where at the time of zero moment, all “now” moments become one.  If you are in a period of “surrender” enormous quantities of karma can be overcome.

The vibration of this mystic center is deeply connected to the essence of love and the elements. An aura of freedom is spread out as the presence of the Christ Consciousness is pervading the area. We will seat here for a meditation with the essence of love, the divine colors and activations through the cosmic Heart of God. Any information received during this meditation will be shared with the whole group as channeling or part of our workshop.

(Breakfast, lunch and dinner on cruise included)

  • Friday 16 February Aswan – Philae Isle – Nubian Village

egypt march 16 13

After our breakfast on cruise we will be transported with our private bus to hotel Helnan Aswan (5 stars) in Aswan. Our hotel is located in the city center on the banks of the Nile and has a panoramic view over the Aswan bay.

This day we have the opportunity to enjoy Aswan, the African city on the edge of the Nile 20km away from the Tropic of Cancer, one of the most beautiful and magical cities of the world. The desert reaches the Nile while on the river there are scattered isles such as the well known Elephantine. The town hosts a big community of Nubians and its serene atmosphere renders it ideal for visitors.

For this morning Michel has arranged an optional visit to the botanical garden and the Nubian village. We will take the boat on the peaceful Nile waters to Kitchener’s island and take a walk in the Botanical Garden with rare species of bushes and flowers. Then we will cross the Nile to the other side for the Nubian Village. We will ride on camels, walk on the narrow streets of the village, the bazaar, have coffee with the locals etc.

egypt march 16 15

Later in the afternoon we will take the boat to visit the Philae isle where the wonderful temple dedicated to Isis stands. This ancient temple was preserved and transferred to Agilkia Island as its original spot sunk under the waters. During antiquity the priestesses honored Isis and her husband Osiris and the complex comprised of the temple of Hathor, the temple of Isis, the House of Birth etc.

One of the most beautiful sacred places of Egypt, Philae Temple is dedicated to the female energy, the Divine Mother and instills a calm, peaceful and quiet energy of security. The connection to goddess Isis, the priestesses and Mary Magdalene is still very strong here.

We will sit in this sacred place for an activation meditation with the female Masters and the Christ consciousness and attunements with the galactic Council of Light and the crystal skulls. Any information received during this meditation will be shared with the whole group as channeling or part of our workshop.

After that we can stay in the area of the temple for the Sound & Light show (optional). Dinner will follow in a local restaurant and return to our hotel for rest.

(Breakfast, lunch & dinner in local restaurant included)

  • Saturday 17 February: The Ancient Christian Community of Cairo

egypt march 16 2

Departure early in the morning from the hotel, with our luggage to the airport of Aswan for our flight to Cairo. This day we will see Cairo, the City of a thousand Minarets. Capital of Egypt and the biggest city of the Arab world with 6,8 billions of inhabitants and another 10 million on its suburbs.

We will visit the Egyptian Archeological Museum which stands on Tahrir square with over 120.000 exhibits.

Then we will heed to the old part of the city to meet the ancient Christian community of Cairo where we will make a stop for pilgrimage and share activations that remain hidden to the eyes of men. The area is called Coptic Cairo and is surrounded by walls, it has five churches connected with paved streets unfolding among high stone walls. It consists of a live path to connect you even more to Christ consciousness.

We will visit the oldest Coptic church of Egypt of saints Serge and Bacchus (Abu Sarga), dating back to the 5th century A.D. The church is constructed upon the crypt where the Holy Family stayed for three weeks and if you are sensitive enough you can feel the energy currents that still flow till today. Paschalis and Frixos will reveal here the hidden energy portals opening the time portal for a transmission of blessing which will activate a deeper connection with Mother Mary!

egypt march 16 4

We continue our tour to the church of Santa Barbara, which is one of the oldest churches of Cairo and of great historic importance. Then we will heed to the monastery of St. George with the catacombs of the patriarchs and the cave of Virgin. Completing our tour in the Coptic neighborhood we will visit the renovated Jewish synagogue Ben Ezra.

Follows lunch in a local restaurant and we continue our tour to the famous bazaar Khan El Khalili with its numerous streets, the coffee shops with shishas and the street merchants. We will seat in one of the traditional coffee shops to enjoy our coffee.

Then we will be transported with our private bus to the hotel Sonesta Tower & Casino (5 stars). It is one of the best hotels of Cairo, close to the International Airport. We settle in our rooms and rest.

This evening we will have the opportunity to see a unique show El Tannoura Show (optional) with authentic Dervishes and live traditional music which will travel you to another world. In our previous journey we saw this show and literally captivated us. So we suggest not to miss it since you will enjoy every second of it. Dinner will follow in a local restaurant.

(Breakfast, lunch & dinner in local restaurant included)

  • Sunday 18 February:  Pyramids – Sphinx – Saqqara

egypt march 16 5

This day is dedicated to the majestic pyramids. We take breakfast at the hotel and depart for the Giza plateau with the awesome pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx. One of the seven wonders of world, keep dominating through the centuries.

In Giza dimensions converge and connect in a magical way transforming us. We will enter the great pyramid for a personal attunement and initiation. Then we will visit the gigantic and enigmatic Sphinx for a Light transmission.

Next we take our bus to go deeper in the desert and visit the oldest step pyramid of Zoser, which was constructed by the high priest Imhotep. Here we will connect to the higher pyramidal energies and bring empowerments through the time portals of Egypt and the healing grids!

We complete our tour to the pyramid of Unas which opened recently to the public. The pyramid of Ounas although externally is not in a good condition it worth visiting it. The internal of the pyramid was found a sarcophagus made of black basalt with 283 invocations, which would help the king to cross the black forces of the underworld and unite to solar god Ra for eternal life. We will remain in the pyramid of Ounas for our final activation, sealing of our workshop and offering to the world.

As we conclude our visit to the pyramids we will stop for lunch and return to our hotel for rest. This night we will close our trip with a special dinner with the whole group leaving the earth of Egypt full of new images and experiences!

(Breakfast, lunch & dinner in local restaurant included)

  • Ash Monday 19 February: Departure

After breakfast we will be transported to the airport for our flight back. Participants from other countries have to arrange their flights accordingly so that we are all transported to the airport on time for our flights.

Renewed with new experiences and images we return following the steps of a new beginning and the new path we have opened...



Participation information

  Energy Work with Paschalis & Frixos.
  5 overnights in 5 stars hotels + Full board.
■  5 overnights – Nile cruise + Full board.
  Transports with luxurious buses as mentioned in the program.
  Licensed tour guide during the whole trip.
  Tours as mentioned in the program.
  Entrance to archeological sites and museums.
  Local services.
OPTIONAL: Paid in Egypt
 16 February| Botanical Garden, Noubian village:30€
 17 February| Dervishes, El Tannoura Show:25€
 18 February| Entrance to the Great Pyramid and permission for meditation:40€
Airline tickets.
Entry visa: Paid upon arrival 25€
Tips: Paid upon arrival 45€
Anything that is optionally suggested.
You will have to make your own bookings. You can find below the flight numbers. We suggest you book the same ones. We can assist you for your bookings if you wish, please contact us. The domestic flights (Cairo-Luxor & Aswan- Cairo) have to be the same as below!
You will have to make your own bookings. You are requested to be in Cairo airport latest by 20.00 the 10th of February. You will be met by our travel agent. The domestic flights (Cairo-Luxor & Aswan- Cairo) have to be the same as below.
MS748 | 10 February | Athens - Cairo   | 16.00 - 17.50
MS363 | 10 February | Cairo - Luxor  | 20.45 - 21.55
MS091 | 17 February | Aswan - Cairo  | 05.05 - 06.30
MS747 | 19 February | Cairo - Athens    | 10.30 - 12.30
(Today the 16th of November the ticket price is 376€)

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