Angels' Club!


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Receive Angelic assistance today! 

The Angels’ Club provides empowerment over distance and helps you in order for changes and improvements to begin unfolding in your life. 

It is about inner and outer transformation with the help and care of Angels so that you can start moving and change in a deep and essential way. 

When you join the Angels’ Club you will connect to a powerful energy field and every month you will be receiving two angelic empowerments.



The connection to this angelic field helps to:


Eliminate chaos, disorder and resistances.

Bring more harmony, ease and flow.

Improve synchronicity, opportunity and magickal coincidences.

Reduce stress and suffering. 

Improve overall physical, emotional and mental health.

Enhance good fortune. 

Activate and empower your connection to Angels.

Enhance any kind of energy work, meditation and angel work.

Invite angelic support in our life.

“One of the reasons I created the Angels’ Club is to provide support to the masses, to contribute in the deep healing of the emotions and the heart, to smooth our resistances and chaos in outer life and to reconnect us to the Beauty of Life. It provides a unique opportunity to anyone who wants to experience improvement - in an affordable way. The Angels’ Club will give you much more. You can join today and stay for as long as you want or you feel you need it.” With all my love, Frixos Christodoulou.   


When you become a member of the Angels Club you will receive:

A monthly activation for Protection! This empowerment stops most attacks, accidesn and moments of misfortune or reduces their effect...

A monthly activation for Finances! This activation reduces financial misfortune, helps to increase financial wisdom in order not to miss opportunities, removes resistances to abundance...

Extra activations for healing, creativity, inspiration, love etc, that will be offered to the members.

Direct empowerment from the angels who will be guiding you to the most perfect way for you in order to unfold your full potential.

Personal Help - Private Group on Facebook: In this group you can ask for specific support every month on a specific issue you need help. You can share impressions, your insights and successes and access other tips, articles and other material that will be published about the angels.


Join the Club!      

The empowerments are taking place over distance and all energy work is done on your behalf.

The first empowerment takes place in the first five days every month and the second empowerment about the middle of each month.

More information and updates will be published in the private facebook group. If you join the Club after the first activation takes place, then your subscription will begin from the following month.


Join anytime and for as long as you wish:

Monthly Subscription: 25€

Six Months 10% Discount: 135€

One Year 15% Discount: 255€  

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With love and support,

Frixos Christodoulou

Teaching about Angels & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher since 2006