Diamond Heart Merkaba of Creation

Basic Level


With Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


Sacred Geometry & the Da Vinci Code!

merkaba_basicIn the Merkaba workshop you will be given explanation on the basic points concerning the Flower of Life and what ways all Sacred Geometry, which represents our delicate bodies, includes. Furthermore, you will be given explanation on the Merkaba of Creation technique.

This is a personal meditation practice which incorporates the comprehension and use of the “Foundation Stone” of consciousness. It is ancient, transformational and novel. It is for all those who have a “Diamond Heart”.

Greece and Egypt, these two ancient civilizations, knew the wisdom of form and how to reflect that form of the sacred ratio on their temples and buildings. The power of the Merkaba knowledge had been kept secret for the last 2000 years, and was only revealed to initiated people. This sacred geometry was known to Pythagoras, whose students needed to remain silent for three years before they entered his school and receive the Wisdom of Creation. Times have changed and the ascension process requires that all the knowledge is available to those who seek it.

There is an electro-magnetic energy Merkaba shell around every living creature, which contains the Sacred Geometry that is based on the Golden Average Ratio, the archetype on which the whole Creation is based, the universal language for every form of life. There are 12 levels of consciousness and on every level there is the corresponding Sacred Geometry. When we activate them, intentionally and through the Merkaba meditation, these levels work as antennae and attract the Divine Power of Creation.


We need to experience and express unconditional love to be able to move in another dimension, and the world rapidly moves to that direction.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos

We are moving away from the separation where we saw ourselves being in a body and looking outwards. This illusion will be gone shortly and will be replaced by a different aspect of reality when we will have the knowledge of complete unity with life, and this feeling will grow more and more as we continue moving upwards through every level on the journey of returning to the Lodge.

As you open your heart to mercy, and unconditional love you will be able to have a direct experience. If you could just let it happen, maybe you will discover things about yourself you did not know...

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou.


The Activations & the Diamond Heart Merkaba workshops


merkaba_13At this time the activations are separated in two workshops, the basic and the advanced level, because the income of the Creative Divine Power will invoke the direct emerge of anything not in attunement with this high vibration, so that catharsis will result.

At this time Humanity in its biggest part is focused on the Emotional Body, and that’s why the Masters judged it would be best for the Physical, Emotional and Mental Body activations to be achieved first.

In this way the catharsis of these bodies is possible, before one can move on to higher activations. In the workshops beings of Inner Fields are present, a fact that creates a powerful grid within which one could learn this sacred practice. Whatever the Service road you have chosen as students on the Return to the Lodge Path to fulfill this purpose or the mission of your Soul on Earth is, it will be activated with the assistance of the Diamond Heart Merkaba of Creation.

  • In the basic level the following take place:

The activation of 4 Merkaba vehicles, one for the physical body, one for the emotional body, and one for the mental body, and what is more with the activation of the Merkaba, for the one that reflects to the Heart Centre. There is also explanation of the Creation History and the way it is connected with the Sacred Geometry. Next an analysis of the Golden Average Ratio is given, and also the ways the Golden Average Ratio exists everywhere in our world are explained, from the music structure to the dimensions of the human body.

Part of the “Diamond Heart Merkaba of Creation” technique is the cleansing of all chakras or the energy centres of the bodies, whose Merkaba will be activated. After its activation, the basic level technique will allow the student to contact the 5th dimension consciousness, the level where the Ascended Masters dwell. This technique is included analytically in the CD you will get along with the cleansing techniques. You are also given manuals with the complete analysis of  the whole seminar and the reasons why the Merkaba is so powerful.

  • After the activation of the first two Merkaba vehicles in the Basic Level:

You will have the experience of the transfer of consciousness to another place, while you will continue being in your physical body. The participants will find themselves in the Great Giza Pyramid, will receive initiation to the Alpha and Omega Brotherhood of Melchizedek and each student will receive a Brotherhood master as a personal guidance. Each student who will participate in this meditation experiences, up to a point, the feeling of simultaneous presence in two places at once.

Furthermore, you will experience a powerful self healing, through the Diamond Flower of Life, to heal any issues troubling you, physical, emotional or mental. We will activate a gigantic Merkaba group for the Service, which will bring healing energy to Humanity, the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, the Devas and the Elementals. During the meditation the Spiritual Hierarchy will bring the highest energy available for the Planet for this time and we will all be channels to bring this energy to the planet. The grace accompanying this service is great.


The first repetition of the workshop for our students is 150€. For future repetitions the participation is free!


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