Wesak Day at Angels House!

14 May 2017


With Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


Wesak Day 2015


Wesak celebration is taking place during the Full Moon in Taurus. It is about an important celebration which honours and acknowledges the birthday of the Buddha and the great wisdom that this Cosmic Master brought to the Earth.

Wesak is a time for great renewal and celebration.

The quality of this energy is the "Power of Enlightenment". This energy emanates from the heart of God and it associates with divine understanding and Love - Wisdom of God. Wesak is considered from the ascended Masters to be of great importance in global affairs.

During the Wesak celebration a channel opens for humanity which allows Light workers to come in contact with energies that are not regularly available or accessible. This allows an expansion and growth in consciousness.

We will connect with all groups in the world bringing down the highest ascension energy together. That moment, all lightworkers will receive a down pouring flow of energy that will empower them in order to move on to the next phase of their spiritual path!


Embracing our True Being!


At the time of the Wesak Festival a living bridge is formed between humanity, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shamballa. The power of Love - Wisdom is imprinted at this time on humanity in order to awaken us from ignorance and to prompt us for service to our fellow people, to good will, compassion and pure spirituality.

Thousands of people all over the earth turn their attention this day to the ascension of humanity and all kingdoms of earth, in order for all beings to be liberated from illusion, suffering and pain.

We become a vessel for the highest spiritual energies in order to cultivate the spiritual virtues within us and to bring our being in alignment, to remember again our true nature and to express it in the world. The blessings that are transmitted at the Wesak are of great importance since they promote self realisation and the externalisation of the divine plan on earth.

Whichever is your service and your work in this life, the Wesak blessing will give you the inspiration, the opening and the boost you need to manifest them and so to benefit all beings.


A celebration not to be missed!


wesak day banner 2013

Wesak Day Festival 2013 at Angels House.

On the 22nd of May we celebrate the Wesak Day Festival in Athens along with thousands of lightworkers all over the world. In a festive atmosphere at Angels House we will experience:

Rededication to the spiritual path and make offerings.

Buddhist prayers for healing, karma removal etc.

Energy attunements and activations.

The traditional Wesak meditation with all the groups all over the globe.

Live channeling that will be transmitted that moment for the group.

Attunements through sacred mantras.

Sharing and connecting with like minded lightworkers.

Breaks with tea and special traditional delicacies for this celebration and other surprises!

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Sunday 14 May, 2017 (11:00 - 17:00)



Participation Information


Participation: 50€ | Book 2 seats, before the 5th May: 70€

Discount for students / unemployed: 25€

You are requested to attend at least 15 minutes earlier!

To participate please contact us or click below for online registrations:




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