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Close your eyes and take a deep breath...

The alchemists welcome you in a world of care for the aura, body and space!

Through our love for secret Alchemy we chose pure essential oils creating amazing combinations of perfumes with fragrant blossoms, roots and rare incenses!

The uniqueness of Secret Alchemy lies not only in their exceptional fragrant and the power of the essential oils, but on their energy value! Using a new Light technology we have developed, all bottles are activated with the vibrations of precious and semiprecious stones, colors and imprinted with information, benefiting everyone in deep and effective ways!

Aura & Room Sprays: Create the atmosphere you need by releasing in your space the beneficial vibrations of the Archangels and Ascended Masters! They clear, harmonise and each bottle carries their distinct vibrations. Use the Sprays to bring in your space the qualities you need each moment.

Quintessences: The Quitnessences of Archangels and Masters serve the clearing and care of the aura and personal energies. Bringing alignment, they connect us to the kingdoms of light and our inner wisdom. For daily use and renewal. 

Body Oils: 7 Heavenly fragrances activated especially for the nourishment and care of the body. Hydrating, easily absorbed without being greasy (dry Oil), rich in Vitamins. Suitable for all skin types. Combine them with the Sprays and Quitnessences to maximum benefits.

Perfume Home Diffusers: Unique fragrances for beautiful houses! An ecological way which transforms kindly your mood and diffuses subtle vibrations in your space! Discover the 7 proposals of Secret Alchemy ideal for every room, mood and season.

Perfect for every moment, ideal for meditation, relaxation, personal support and also as a fragrant!


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