The Return of the Goddess - (Ebook) P. Kazakopoulos


In the Return of the Goddess, Paschalis Kazakopoulos (author, channeler) brings together and shares for the first time a unique treasure of knowledge and wisdom. And so he invites us all to discover the role of the Divine Mother on the awakening of mankind. This book traces the hidden truth behind all religions and reveals the particular role of women in the Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as the Archangelic Kingdom and the forgotten twin flames. Through The Return of the Goddess, the reader is being reconnected with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light and the Ascended Masters. These are just a few of the precious gifts that this book shares with us, as lost memories come back to light and separation from the Source is being reversed.

Bring more of the light of peace into your body, into your consciousness. Allow yourself to participate in the mystic experience of this externalisation and let the sweetness flow in all your cells and molecules. Feel its presence. Because you, beloved messengers of the Christ Consciousness, will bring the change. Fill your heart with love and serve the world around you.

ISBN: 978-618-81072-0-5 | Publications: Angels House | Pages: 310 | Ebook format: pdf

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The Return of the Goddess - (Ebook) P. Kazakopoulos

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