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Summer Retreat on Mt. Olympus | 26 - 30 July


With Paschalis Kazakopoulos and Frixos Christodoulou!


Summer Retreat 2

Five days at the Sacred Mount Olympus!

The Portal of Transformation


Enjoy quality time for relaxation and rejuvenation in one of the most energetic places of Greece, Mt. Olympus! This is the perfect time to renew yourself doing something beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Let’s welcome together the new year (26 of July - Mayan Portal) in a retreat carefully designed in order to deliver a complete experience of well-being, relaxation and a restart for body and mind.

In this special Retreat we will give emphasis to rest, meditation and cultivating contact with our Authentic Self.

In this way you will take care of your body and mind, making the refreshing break you need. You will recharge your energies and prepare for the new season.

See what is included in the Retreat below and book your seat early.



Living Fully - Becoming Authentic! 


According to the synchronic Mayan Calendar the new year begins on the 26th of July and this is the most appropriate moment to align with the new that is coming. The energy tone of the year is characterized as White Magnetic Wizard. This is the major governing energy that will be guiding us throughout the next period till July 2020.

It is a year of self empowerment. The Magician triggers the process of becoming our Authentic Self and opening with trust to the unknown. A year deeply transformational which promts us to unfold our abilities and talents, breaking free from limitations.

During the reatreat we will explore the energy movements that will unfold, the rising challenges and where you need to focus in order to bring positive changes and progress.

We have carefully designed the daily activities in order to prepare you properly and to set firm foundations for the new that is coming. When leaving this retreat you will have learnt how to connect in a deeper way with your Self and be more aware of what will unfold in the year, how to maintain calmness and your alignment and how to experience everyday life more consciously, full of meaning and essence.

Join us for an experience of connection and opening that will bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit! 



 & How you will benefit from this Retreat!

❍ The New Year

Explore the energies and dynamics of the new year and what this means for you and for humanity. The challenges and the opportunites. Syncronisation with the natural flow of evolution.

❍ The Source: Connection

Learn how to clear and strengthen your personal energies and how to connect to the Source of Light and work with the highest source energy. This is an easy to apply powerful meditation tool you will learn from the very first day! The connection to the Divine Source sets the foundation for your daily alignment, balance and harmony. We will discuss the importance and benefits of this profound practice and how to integrate it in your life.

❍ Mindfulness

Uniting body and mind through the art of breathing and awareness. Meditation helps in releasing stress, putting the mind in a state of rest. Through these techniques you will learn how to live in the present moment, filling each moment with meaning. Introduction, practice and integration in everyday life.

❍ Higher Minds

Connect to the higher minds who guide and stimulate the evolution of human consciousness. You will experience a profound activation and light upgrade with the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Races of Light and the Archangels.

❍ Harmony

One of the major purposes of meditation and the spiritual path is to get us out of duality, in a state of neutrality. In our life we get out of this state as we are triggered by the inner and outer phenomena. Receive three sessions that will clear and activate the state of neutrality in permanent ways.

More specifically you will experience clearings for Emotional Neutrality, Mental Neutrality and Neutrality towards others behaviors, words and much more. Simply relax and receive these gifts!

❍ The Body of Light

In this hour you we will share guided meditations on constructing the Light Body. It is about a dynamic process which is activate at this time through the Portal of Sirius and is related to sacred geometry and the embodiment of the Divine Self!

❍ Rejuvenation

Enjoy the exquisite healing vibrations of a Gong bath! Known for its cleansing and transformational benefits, the gong bath will support the purification of your energies and stopping mental chatter; at the same time helping you integrate all energy work, leaving you with a sense of calmness, deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Summer Retreat 2019 

❍ Excursion to Olympus – Dion (Optional 30th July)

Excursion to the mythical mountain of the 12 Olympian Gods, its story and culture! The scattered energy portals, strong magnetic fields and the divine currents penetrating Olympus and extend all over the planetary hologram will allow us to offer serive to all sentient beings on the planet. Now it’s the time to make together the next step, to ascend on our spiritual Olympus, and achieve our spiritual freedom and radiance. A trip that will fill you with images, impressions and experiences, filling our soul in the journey back Home..

The cultural heritage of the ancient city of Dion blends perfectly with the unparallel beauty at the foothills of magical Olympus. The enchanting nature and the special biodiversity, makes this place the first national park of Greece. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece is closely interwoven with mythology, and extends an invitation to you to discover its mysteries!

Feel the magical aura as you walk through Enipeas Gorge!

PLACES WE WILL VISIT: Museum and archeological site of Dion, Enipeas Gorge on Olympus - short walk, Litochoro.

30.07 | DEPARTURE DAY: After breakfast we depart for the optional excursion. Participants can arrange their flights for this day after 21:00 in order to be transported to the airport on time for their flight.

Leaving the retreat you will have completed a journey of connection to your Self. Also you will have learnt how to live in the now and experience more consciously a life full of meaning and essence. Join us for an experience of joy and well-being that will bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit! 


Your Participation Includes:

All activities of the Summer Retreat 26 to 30 July 2019.
4 night accommodation in Olympios Zeus Hotel 

In single, double or triple room, half board (breakfast, lunch). Depending on the time of your registration and room availability. First come, first served basis.

Translation for the English and Greek speaking.

Attendance & Transport:

Your arrival should be between 12:00 to 17:00 latest. The first gathering will be on Friday evening at 18:30 in order to discuss the schedule we will follow. Dinner at 19:30..

Participants need to arrange their transport and we will send you a road map with your registration for your convenience. There is a possibility of transportation with others, where you can share the vehicle and fees. For more information about your transport to Litochoro, please contact us at +30.6932.645.594 or through email and we will find the best way to join us.


Bookings | SUMMER RETREAT 2019


Bookings accepted till 14th June 2019

Deposit to secure your seat: 200€ | Full pay off till 15.07.2019

Early Bird till 21.05.2019 per person in Double Room half board: 430€ | from 22.05.2019: 530€

Single Room till 21.05.2019  half board: 510€ | from 22.05.2019610€

Triple Room till 21.05.2019 per person, half board: 405€ | from 22.05.2019: 505

For people living nearby (no accommod.), and want to participate: 130€

To participate contact us or book online


Book Now | Olympus Summer Retreat 2019


Payment methods: You can book your seat through this website. At the last step before check out you will be presented with the options of paying with credit card, paypal or payment to a bank account.

Cancellation policy: We wouldn’t want you to miss this fantastic event, but if for any reason you cannot attend, you may gift your seat to someone else who wants to participate. Refund, total or partial is not possible under any circumstance. Please contact us to confirm this change.


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