Common Queries (5 ADDS)

Do I need to have any spiritual background or prior knowledge to participate in a seminar?

No particular knowledge is necessary to attend a seminar. Our seminars are designed in such a way that allow anyone to participate and apply the information directly.

The teachings, practices and seminar experience will give you all the tools you need every time. The only requirement is good will and open spirit for new experiences and perspectives.

Why should I pay for my education?

Spiritual information should be free!

Spiritual information is indeed free for everyone, those who wish to dedicate some time (even years of meditation) to evolving themselves and find themselves these answers. If someone wishes to receive all this information, which have been gathered and collected by others, who have given all their love and effort through their hard work, as well as sources in that, it is customary for some energy exchange to exist.

The information, the techniques and the meditations presented during the courses – seminars of Angels House University truly come from the Ancient Wisdom and are given to everyone attending the workshops. However, this entails remarkable expenses for the people running the workshops, such as renting the place where the workshops take place, workshop provisions, equipment, notes, books, course manuals, teachers’ fees, teachers’ accommodation, answers through email, telephone expenses, advertising, website upgrades etc.

Unless a student – participant wishes to exchange energy with the organizers & teachers of the workshops who work hard to present this information, then we suggest they find other, more compatible with their convictions, ways to collect this information.

Are there any convenient payment options

For the services you receive you can pay with cash, bank transfer or credit card. For amounts above 200 euros you may choose up to six installments on your credit card. Angels House University issues the legal tax proof for the student (Receipt - Invoice) 23% VAT included, as service fee for every session or seminar.

Are children allowed in the seminar room?

Children are allowed in the reception area of Angels House University as long as they do not disturb during your session. During the seminars, children and people who are not participating are not allowed to be present.

How can I get to Angels House by bus, tram or car?

By Bus: Get off at the bus stop 5th Kalamakiou


BUS Α1     Piraeus - Voula

BUS Α2     Akadimia - Voula (Through Amfitheas Ave.)

BUS Β2     Akadimia - Alimos Ave. - Elliniko (Through Coastal road)

BUS 101   Elliniko - Alimos (Circular)

BUS 141   Dafni Bus Stop - Kalamaki (Circular)

BUS Χ96   Piraeus - National Airport (Express)


By Tram: Get off at Zefyros tram stop


Served by lines 3 and 5.

Line 3: Peace and Friendship Staduim (SEF) - Asklipiio Voulas.

Line 5: Syntagma Square - Asklipiio Voulas.


By car:


 You can take Poseidonos Avenue or Alimos Avenue. Otherwise you can come through Kalamaki Avenue.