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At Angels House University our first care is the transmission of teachings rooted in the ancient knowledge and wisdom.

We aim to bring on earth appropriate and integrated teachings that carry the essence of the Divine, the love and the understanding and to transmit the truth and the message of self enlightenment. To provide individuals with opportunities in order to achieve a life of balance, full of joy, meaning, creativity and unity.

We activate people and groups in order to contribute in the social structures we all live in.

In this way we contribute actively in the awakening of the global community and especially in Greece, assisting people to be activated towards the Christ consciousness.

Also we provide clear guidance and constant information to everyone, as a service to the communities of light workers.

Another equally important target, is to provide all the tools, so everyone to be able to stand on their feet, be independent and master of themselves.

Each seminar, activity or workshop, adds a puzzle piece to the greater picture, revealing the inner esoteric wisdom.

At Angels House we will unfold together your talents and gifts, empowering you and bringing inspiration for the fulfilment of your spiritual mission on earth.



Paschalis Kazakopoulos

Founder of Angels House University

Paschalis has been researching and teaching healing techniques for more than 12 years. He draws from his personal experiences in the path of awakening, in-depth studies into eastern-western esoteric philosophies and practises, and has passion for music.

In 2000 during an intense period, the Sirians came in his life, transmitting to him teachings and personal training, accelerating his awakening.

Since then he created the Sirian Training which he continues teaching up to this day.

In 2002, after a vivid and revelational contact with the Christ consciousness, the course of his life changed drastically and in profound ways.

In August 2004 he founded Angels House University through which he presents seminars and gatherings supporting groups and individuals.

His articles and interviews on spirituality and healing have been published in the Greek and foreign press (British, German) and many of his channeled messages have been translated in other languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese etc.).

In 2005 he founded the Spiritual Awakening Festival, an annual event on spirituality that takes place in Greece and is embraced by speakers and participants from all over the world.

As a channel for spirit he created two self-knowledge systems for personal growth: Sirian TrainingTM and the Flame of Mary MagdaleneTM. He is the author of a book on ascension, published in Greek language.

Paschalis loves traveling and has leaded many groups over tha last years for sacred journeys in Egypt, Malta and Israel.

Since 2007, in three years from the foundation of Angels House University, the teachings and methods he presents started spreading fast, guiding him to share this work through seminars and conferences in England, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Scotland, Cyprus, Dubai, Portugal etc.

He continues to write and teach extensively.



Frixos Christodoulou

Co-founder of Angels House University

Frixos is the co-founder of Angels House University and has played vital role in the organization and expansion of Angels House. In 2006 he started attending extensively every seminar with Paschalis and in 2007 they joined forces and since then they teach together in Greece and abroad. Frixos embodies the principles and teachings of the Angelic kingdom and Shamballa.

Prior to Angels House, Frixos was studying economics at Aristotle University and parallelly was exploring energy healing. At that time he realized the inner need for deeper fulfilment in life. This leaded him at Angels House and since then he keeps sharing his passion on transforming consciousness.

In his work he presents new ideas, healing techniques, meditations and approaches for personal development and growth that are easily accessible to everyone.

Frixos publishes the Messages of the Month which he offers as a service for empowerment and guidance in the month, many of which are translated in foreign languages.

He is teacher of Angelic Reiki, New Shamballa 13D and the Merkabah technique and other energy methods of spiritual healing.

Together with Paschalis they synthesize profound experiences and experiential seminars, helping people on the path of self transformation, empowerment and life purpose.

His work is unique while we draws through his deep connection with the angelic kingdom and shamballa, sharing these energies in order to be experienced by everyone.




Angels House University presents integrated training that can be easily assimilated by everyone. The synthesis of these teachings in combination with personal experience, will provide your consciousness with the gift of expansion on multiple levels.

At this time the information is provided to everyone and in many ways, like through thousands of books on spirituality, tv shows, the internet and other means. In this way the basic information exist as data in most people.

Now it’s the time for the next step!

The opportunity you are presented with through Angels House, is initially to put in order the information you collected all these years and sort out any old information that does not serve you any more.

We help you apply the knowledge you assimilate in order to have impact and results in all aspects of your life. The combination of the activities and the seminars we provide, raise the level of understanding and provide the tools for a balanced life, achieving the highest realization.

Our experience and activities since 2004, when the living School of Angels started, guided us to the creation of a firm basis which every student can rely on.

The group activities, the training, the personal work and continuous personal support provided here, complements in a pleasant and spherical way the individual on mane levels. Providing you with the space to breathe and realize the divine being that you are.

Sharing with you open handed all information, new energy techniques and methods, will help you achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual integration in everyday life.


Through Angels House University we offer:


no.1Integrated knowledge, based on new teachings and the ancient wisdom which supports the spherical development in a direct and clear way.

no.2A series of spiritual techniques for the expansion of the spiritual skills, that can be applied easily during the training.


no.3A series of experiences that open the opportunity to deepen in the spiritual path, grow and evolve on all aspects..




Our seminars are designed in such a way in order to transmit the philosophy mentioned above. Each seminar includes its corresponding information, presents different practices and all of them are inter-connected.

Beside the training you receive during the teaching, you are provided with helpful material eg books, cds etc. Depending on the subject and the nature of each seminar there is a focus on appropriate meditations, methods for self exploration, further reading and studying.

See our seminars in detail!


Healing Sessions


Angels House offers a wide range of healing sessions and can direct the most appropriate healing approach that would be more beneficial in every occasion.

The alternative healing methods treat the person holistically, acting directly on the causes, thus removing any physical, emotional and mental distortions.

See the healing sessions in detail!


Personal Support


Supporting individuals one at a time is important for us. For those who wish more guidance about their progress on the spiritual path and frequent contact regarding their personal inner work.

Furthermore in these sessions you can ask questions and receive more information and insights on the teachings of any seminar you attended at Angels House and discuss any experiences or impressions following the end of the seminar.

This opportunity helps the student go even deeper to the principles, practises and the wisdom that is in the core of each seminar and to answer any question that might have come up later.


Sacred Journeys


The sacred journeys we organize to holy destinations - energy places around the world, offer the participants great opportunities for transformation.

Participants have the chance to get to know other civilizations, experience team work and spiritual group work. Touch the ancient wisdom of the many civilizations that thrived and offered their legacy to humanity.

The new pictures and impressions in combination with the spiritual work, touch the personality and the soul in profound ways, for positive and root changes in each participant.

Discover the oncoming journeys!


Spiritual Awakening Festival


Since 2005, in the summer season we organize the Spiritual Awakening Festival. An open event to everyone for focused group work, planetary service and accelerated spherical expansion. For the students of Angels House University this is a celebration and the climax for all the efforts of the year and their blessings.

Renowned spiritual teachers from all over the world and Greece join the Festival and share the their experience and wisdom through experiential workshops, meditations and new practices along with light workers around the globe. This is one of the top celebrations of Angels House University at the dates the of the harmonic convergence celebration and this event is unique in Greece.

Our philosophy in the creation of the Spiritual Awakening Festival and first target was to serve the planet while working together and intensively throughout the festival, focused on creating an expanded field that would affect positively our evolution.

In the course of these years the Festival evolved into an event with much interest where renowned teachers from all over the world and many Light workers from every corner of earth gather in Greece so to participate and experience the co-creation with the divine that takes place at the Festival.

Through the workshops, meditations, live channelings and higher guidance, the teachings and many more activities taking place at the Festival result, if nothing else, the resurrection of our soul.

A celebration where joy, unity, creation, brotherhood, create a force that affects in a positive way not only the participants but its effects spread everywhere. Only when you experience it you will realize the co-creation of human with the Divine that takes place.

Learn more about the festival!


Come on in, we're open!



Outside the online world, we created a beautiful and peaceful place that host the real Angels House University!

Here we do all the seminars, gatherings and healing sessions and of course you can see and actually touch all Angels House products and many more that are not in the e-shop.

The place is completely dedicated to this work and for us is a modern temple for spirit, a place that embraces people, a portal between heaven and earth.

Looking forward to welcome you at the House of Angels!

Call us for an appointment!


Where are we?

At 9-11 Pavlou Mela St, at the seaside area of Alimos. Just 2 minutes walk from Zefyros tram stop and less than 5 minutes by taxi from Alimos metro station.

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