Muna Heartbeat Spray


Characteristics: Muna Spray was created in order to provide immediate cleansing from negative energies. It offers protection from energetic and psychological attacks. Restores the energy bodies helping us find again our center and linking us to the Source. As a purifier, gives us the space to breathe and think clearly, balancing the emotions. Brings light, healing the cracks in the aura caused by shocks and unwanted energies. For headaches caused by negative energies. Muna has a strong fragrance which reminds of mint. The plant that is made of is used by Shamans in ceremonies and other occasions for purification purposes. 

For the aura: Spray around the aura to clear and balance your self and have a cleansing energy shower while the vibrations from the bottle are being released. 

For the space: Refresh and empower the energy field of your space by spraying at the corners and the center and anywhere you feel there is accumulated negative energies. 

Crystals: Spray a small portion directly on the crystals and rub them (Avoid spraying directly crystals that are very sensitive, eg. selenite) This will enhance and activate the electromagnetic grid of the crystal. It’s ideal when you want to clear fast and reuse your crystals. 

Healers/ energy healing: Before starting the session, spray around the aura in order to calm the mind and help your client unload the emotional/ mental/ spiritual state they may be in. Use Muna between sessions in order to give yourself the space to breathe, be renewed, re-aligned and clear the space from anything that was released during the session. At the end, you can spray the aura of the client helping them come back and ground in a harmonious way.

Muna Heartbeat Spray

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