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Suffering from Emotional or Mental Stress and Pain?

Relationship Issues, Self Love or Confidence

Feng Shui Challenges, Space Clearing or Energy Clearing?

Life Changes and Decisions you need answers for?


There are times in our lives we need a push and other times we are stuck in unfavourables situations for years. Sometimes we need a helping hand when we are going through challenging times and there are times we need to heal deep rooted traumas.

Whatever you may be going through, I am here to direct you towards a better outcome. Either you are facing a minor issue or you walk through dark times where you need all the help you can receive.

This is the time to be brave, speak up and ask for help.

I need support for 

• Stress / Anxiety

• Confidence

• Depression

• Emotional & Mental Health

• General Physical Health

• Fears

• Self Love/ Self Acceptance

• Relationships / Sex

• Weight Loss

• Sleep Issues/ Insomnia

• Addictions

• Transitions in life: Career, Divorce etc

• Negative Emotions

• Personal Energy Clearing

Space Clearing

• Other


We are here to live and thrive,

not simply survive. 

Health and happiness are prerequistes to a beautiful life!


This is your opportunity to start moving

towards the direction you want!


For you, your friends, your family…

Is this session for me? Read Testimonials and Success Stories here

My father's memory has greatly improved and the way he looks too!!! I am so grateful for your important help and thank you very much. Maria D.



Common Questions


Q: What happens during a session with Frixos? 

A: Starting the session Frixos will intuitively track and clear any past, future and current blocks. He will then focus on your questions or anything else that is troubling you; pinpointing the unconscious causes and reasons that create it in the first place. By deleting the unconscious blocks, opportunies and solutions appear in a natural way.

In his sessions Frixos draws from his deep experience and applies different approaches to benefit people to the maximum. He applies quantum healing and programming methods along with other modalities when are appropriate for the individual, such as Angelic Reiki, Angel work, Feng Shui etc.

Q: What is the cost and duration of a session? 

Α: A session lasts one hour and the cost is 100€. Possibility for half hour session, 50€.

Q: When can I book a session? 

A: Private sessions are available in morning hours between 09:00 - 13:00 and some evenings 16:00 - 19:00. Since there time zone differences or these hours are not conventient for some people, please contact us so we can arrange a suitable hour. 

To schedule your session make your booking online here and we will contact you to set the date and hour. Otherwise contact us at

Q: How can I talk to Frixos? Can I use Skype? 

Α: We encourage those who love outside of Greece to use Skype. Please give us your Skype name. Frixos will call you at the scheduled hour. Other ways are available such us viber, whatsapp etc.

Q: Great! I booked a session, what's the next step?

Α: When receiving your booking, we will contact you the sooner for more information.

Q: How can I change the date/ hour of my appointment.

Α: To change your appointment contact us through email at 24 hours earlier. 

If you don't "show up" for your appointment, Frixos will conduct the scheduled session, clearing your main/current blocks.

Ε: How can I maximise the benefits? 

Α: Each month Frixos holds a group empowerment My Bright Life which works as a clinic with a variety of topics. The members are strengthened on a monthly basis and benefit from the group potential. In combination with the private sessions the beneifts are multiplied, results are maximised and you achieve better results in much less time.


A message from Frixos:

Through my experience with groups and people in energy healing throughout the last 15 years, I focuson helping people achieve what they want in the shortest time possible so they can enjoy their life.
In each session I delete as much as possible, clearing blockages that in other times would need years to resolve. As we clear the unconscious blocks, answers and solutions come up that lead to right action and results.
I want the best for you and I focus on results in order to save you from unnecessary pain, stress, waste of your time and money.
While these burdens and worries are being lifted, you will feel the freedom and new possibilities opening before you! 
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