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Frond - Energeiakos Katharismos


All procedures in the energy cleansing are simple, safe and effective. The particular energy clearings have been tested by Paschalis during his personal path, in several sessions with people who needed his help. These session address to people who want to clean their energy body.

During this session Paschalis uses advanced “Energy Senses” and with the assistance of Archangel Michael he recognizes the quality or the “vibrations” of humans, places or things.

Everything in this world is surrounded by a spiritual energy field. Every living being carries their own vibrations, and these vibrations come from the field of the invisible energy that surrounds them.

That’s exactly where the Energy Clearing works, removing the unwanted marks or pieces which have settled and take advantage of the energy body and the vibration of the human, and take away their strength and crystal clarity he had had before.

The energy clearing of people is indicated:

For light or heavy situations. To severe negative influences (emotional, mental, spiritual), thought forms, harmful energies and connections.

From the testimonials we received about the energy clearing people mentioned greater mental clarity, feeling relieved and lighter, more calm, others enjoy more quiet sleep, alleviation of fears and worries, opening new directions and opportunities in life etc.

If you feel or suspect that you are influenced by malicious energies and wish to investigate it before you choose the energy clearing session, contact us.


Energy Clearing of Places


Every inanimate object, such as a house or a building, has imprints from the energies of the beings they have been exposed to, that is the energies of those who built it, sold it, and those who own and/ or owned them.

The human energy body interacts with the energy field of the environment. The energy clearing with the contribution of Archangel Michael will clean all these negative vibrations and will restore your vibrations.

The energy clearing of places is indicated:

When there are various forms of negative energies in the place. When unpleasant events have happened (fights, deaths, accidents, people with heavy diseases etc).

When you want to get rid of the unwanted energy of a house or flat with negative vibrations. To create a pure energy space in order its energy to support the people who live their in every aspect of their life.


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The energy clearing of people takes place at Angels house. The Energy clearing of places can be arranged upon request.

1 Hour Session:  100€

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