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Δεν υπάρχουν λόγια που μπορούν να περιγράψουν την ευλογία και τη βελτίωση της ζωής μου αφ’ ότου πήρα για πρώτη φορά τις μυήσεις του 3ου-4ου βαθμού του Αγγελικού Ρέικι. Η πρώτη φορά ήταν το 2008. Το επανέλαβα για να ξανανιώσω όλη αυτή την ευλογία. Ευχαριστώ. Χαρά Τ. (Κόρινθος)

Ένα φανταστικό βιωματικό εργαστήριο. Οι διαλογισμοί και οι συντονισμοί ήταν μαγικοί και ισχυροί. Μια πραγματικά όμορφη εμπειρία - με χαρά και γέλιο επίσης! Francis M.

Το Αγγελικό Ρέικι 3 & 4 ήταν μια υπέροχη εμπειρία. Οι ανταλλαγές θεραπειών υπήρξαν πραγματικά εμψυχωτικές. Αισθάνομαι ότι οι συντονισμοί έχουν φωτίσει τη συνειδητότητά μου και με ενθάρρυναν να “βγω έξω” και να μοιραστώ αυτό το όμορφο δώρο. Karen M.

Περισσότερες Εμπειρίες

Angelic Reiki 3rd - 4th Degree

3 day Seminar


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Becoming human angels!


In this seminar we will deepen in the healing process with new tools that take your skills on transformation on the next level. The information we will share here expand the perception and open the door through which everything is possible.

Putting into application new methods and through deeper connection with the angelic field you will learn how to sustain this connection alive in your consciousness in order to accompany you every moment of your day.

Exploring new practices such as the “feeling body” you will be able to easily draw information required every time in order to support the change you wish to make. This seminar puts you in your power, the purpose of your life and in self mastery!


Take your skills beyond the 1st - 2nd degree


Strengthen your connection with the angelic reiki field and explore the limitless potential for consciousness transformation. With advanced healing methods, techniques that expand the intuitive abilities for receiving information and energy attunements which will open you further to multidimensionality.

The 3rd & 4th Degree Master Seminar is the next step to self-mastery and for entering the path of creating your reality. Part of this workshop is the teaching on how to transmit the angelic reiki system to others.

To participate in the master seminar is prerequisite to attend the Angelic Reiki 1st - 2nd Degree.


What happens in the Seminar


In this level Paschalis and Frixos will share information and ideas that will help you deepen in the understanding and perception about how Angelic Reiki works and how to allow changes to unfold for faster and more direct results.

We will engage with several key concepts such as the sacred space how it works, how to hold the angelic field of limitless potential, getting your self out of the way allowing the divine mind to shift reality, what to do and not do!...

You will experience two initiations in the 3rd and 4th Degree of Angelic Reiki (Master) and also the Archangelic Attunement where you will receive full integration of all symbols on the 7 levels of form. Besides these attunements you will experience one more meditation of initiation with the Divine rays and the lost cosmic rays of Creation through the angelic kingdom.

The entire process will activate your consciousness and trigger your dynamic on a new level which will transform your reality and your healing abilities.
Some of the subjects we will explore.


Some of the subjects we will explore


New healing methods through the ancient wisdom such as healing with eye contact, the I Am Presence and the Twin Flame energy. Parallely we will work with the feeling body and how to use it to draw information for healing purposes. This activation was made available the last years and opens a window to new possibilities.

During the seminar you will experience this knowledge in a practical way that will help you in the sessions you do, in your seminars and simultaneously enhance anything else you do. There will be time for your questions and answers, a vital part of this seminar, plus we will have a new look in all the material of the 1st to 4th degree.

With your participation you will get a full manual for the Angelic Reiki 3rd & 4th Degree (Master) and your certification. The 3rd & 4th Degree level is a major attunement in the energy of the Master that introduces you in the path of self mastery and in the service of anchoring the Divine Mind on earth. 





I feel truly blessed that the universe offered me the opportunity to experience something so strong, pure, coming from the Heavens and the Angels. Thank you for helping me with this teaching to get in contact and embrace the Kingdom of Angels so deeply. Aloe D. (Volos) Read more...

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24 - 26 January 2019, Athens

27 - 29 March 2020, Athens


Participation Information


Participation: 750 450€ | registration: 50€

Times: Fri. 17:00 - 21:00  Sat. & Sun. 10:00 - 18:00

Repeat: 350€

To participate please contact usor click below to register:




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