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Angelic Reiki - Update!

Two-Day Seminar


Angelic Reiki updateNEW


Embracing our true Self!


A day of consciousness exploration for all Angelic Reiki healers and teachers, including experiential healing practices, expansion of quantum perception, meditations and attunements! The Angelic Reiki Update workshop introduces a further grounding of the angelic energy, expansion of consciousness and embracing the possibilities of healing through the All!

This day we will explore the principles of grounding in healing and how to apply it in every day life bringing a deeper meaning and direction. It is a wonderful and direct way of alignment you will want to apply in everything you do, even to start your day or to bring harmony in chaotic situations.

We will also explore the nature of the feeling body and learn how to move consistently into this field to draw information for any subject you want thus bringing expanded awareness. The feeling body opens the possibilities for the unfolding of new experiences and perceptions. Building on this understanding we will engage in a multidimensional healing and a new healing method, Spherical Healing: a practice which is based on the principles of sacred geometry and the merkabah. When our consciousness embraces the All, then it can heal on that level!!

Part of this experience are the angelic clearings and attunement with the Archangels of the Tree of Life. The Angelic Reiki Update workshop promises to broaden your understanding the embodiment of the angelic energies, giving you valuable tools for healing and for your personal path. An opportunity to enrich your knowledge and understanding on Angelic Reiki. A useful and necessary update for all, especially those who practise angelic reiki on professional basis offering sessions and seminars.


What’s different in the Update Workshop?


A leap in the realization of the vastness and perfection of your being. Using words to describe this state of consciousness is always inadequate. It’ beyond description. Drawing from the ancient wisdom we will create the space so each one to experience it. From that moment on you will perceive things differently.

We all recognize how much Love and dynamic is in the core of this work with the angels. Opening to this new information will allow you to bring manifestation here in a more balanced and coherent way. Also we will explore some very important spiritual principles which underpin the expression of the higher consciousness in our reality.

As always in angelic reiki there is a perfect combination of teaching and experiential application in order for everyone to embody the information presented in an integrated way. Through this we will release the restrictive consciousness and embrace joy, life and existence itself. It is a calling for greater awareness of the authentic Self under the guidance of the angels.

The workshop is an experience of group co-creation with the angelic kingdom for healing, expansion and self awareness. We will weave together this journey bringing insights and extra activations that will be channeled from spirit that moment.


The Update Workshop Includes:


Activation of new angelic codes and Archangelic vibrations.

Experience the angelic clearing on a different level! Presenting a new perspective we will engage in releasing various and specific issues that are bothering each participant personally.

The wisdom and the deva of the body. An experience that will shift your awareness and consciousness, changing the relationship with your self and existence. Read the testimonials!

The Archangels of the Tree of Life. Attunement and understanding the spiritual principles that allow you to bring directly a new state in consciousness.

Space, dimensions, zero point, the wisdom of colors and much more.

How to slide into the feeling body with easiness and its expansions. The multidimensional Self & the Spherical consciousness.

How to integrate the seminar’s teaching in your healing practice, meditations and everyday life.

+| CD with the exercises to deepen at your own pace.

+| Certificate of participation.

+| A full manual with the workshop material.*

*For all who have completed the 3rd & 4th Degree seminar or wish to teach it.

To participate in the Angelic Reiki Update  workshop prerequisites that you completed the Angelic Reiki 1st - 2nd degreeor/ and Angelic Reiki 3rd - 4th degree.





That was some workshop! Afterwards I felt like I had been through the "heavy duty" cycle of a washing machine! My human consciousness is feeling much more grounded and I thank you both for all that you facilitated. Gillian S. (Hydra)

Thank you, it was truly very powerful and exceptional… Next morning I woke up different… Feeling in love with my body, my being, with the world, with Life! Victoria K. (Athens) Read More...

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28 - 29 September 2019, Corfu
14 - 15 December 2019, Athens
20 - 21 June 2020, Athens


Participation Information


Participation: 250€ | Registration: 50€ 

Times: Weekend 10:00 - 18:00

To participate please contact us or click below to register:




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