Magdalene's Flame (One-day Workshop)

Circle of the Sacred Rose

Monthly Workshop


With the founders Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


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Discovering the miracles on the path of the heart!


Once a month we meet in the “Circle of the Sacred Rose” in an atmosphere of unity, peace, deep serenity. This day is dedicated to the awakening of the Christ fire, the Flame of Magdalene.

Each gathering is a living heart experience flooded by love. A shower from the Light of the integrated Christ. Mary Magdalene, to whom this work is dedicated, overlights and guides the group.

Through meditations, sacred mantras and live channelings, Mary Magdalene shares her teaching about the path of the heart and our entrance in the Christ mysteries.

How would you feel if you were right now at the presence of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua?

The circle of Mary Magdalene is dedicated to the presence of the Sacred Female who exists in every being. Thousand years before  people knew how important is the contact with the Feminine Principle, the energy and presence of the Divine Mother. They honoured her presence in their everyday life, they built majestic temples for Her, they were in contact with the cycles of nature.

In the modern society we live in, all the magic of the Sacred Feminine has been lost, the presence of love has withdrawn, the beauty of the soul, true kindness and other aspects of the Divine Mother were forgotten while we focused in the ruthless and limitative reasonable thinking.

In the passage of time humanity was nurtured with beliefs that woman - the female is something inferior, unholy and that intuition is devious. In the journey of life people seek to get completed through their relationships, seeking desperately for that essence of love which is a remembrance of a distant past. A constant search for the holy grail...

Come, let’s ignite together the Flame of Love for one more time in the temples of earth - the Flame of Magdalene!


What happens in the workshop


The monthly “Circle of the Sacred Rose” workshops provide the ground to contact the inner aspects of our self that are known as our female side. The gathering experience is mainly experiential since it is embraced by the energetic presence of Mary Magdalene, the energy that returns now on earth for the passage to the new golden age.

The way that the field of unconditional love is activated here through the higher levels, constitutes a deep experiential and essential state of consciousness for everyone to experience. While you will be contacting the pure field of the integrated Christ, the roses of your heart will start blooming again.

Through live channeling, Paschalis will channel the energy of Mary Magdalene and transmit her guidance and teaching for the group. Parallely we will share energy attunements and make use of several techniques that awaken the female energy, using mantras and other esoteric tools that unlock the creative and intuitive side of self.

The work presented here unfolds in a heartfelt way that embraces all participants without exceptions. Mary Magdalene provides us the compass and shows the path so to bring the essence of love in our life in a grounded way and to embody it.

While you will be reconnecting with the Female Christ Principle you will discover that your life can be full of grace, blessing and peace rather than a life of hard lessons and pain.





After the workshop I feel my life changing in a wonderful way and that something new is about to happen. The techniques of Mary Magdalene are very powerful for me and very transformational. Thank you. Sophia L. (Athens)

Very powerful energies I haven’t experienced before in my life. I made a step towards the recognition of who I truly am, the true nature of my soul. Thank you! Stefanos G. (Germany)


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23 October.19 15 January.20 22 April
20 November
12 February 20 May
18 December 18 March 17 June

Participation Information


Participation: 35€ | Monthly workshop: Wednesday 19:00 - 21:30

You are requested to attend at least 15 minutes earlier!

To participate please contact us!


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