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Get your personal daily meditation, for spiritual growth acceleration in the comfort of your space and time!

In this energy system that was given to us by the Sirians from 2000, an activation and harmonization takes place on the Soul Star or 8th center (chakra) where the illumination from the Galactic Hierarchy of the Light is radiated during your training.

You are given a channeled exercise meditation, as a tool of daily use and attunement with Spirit, for spiritual expansion and empowerment. Each meditative exercise lasts for about a month till it’s completed.

This kind of personal empowerment session can be done also without over distance (absent session) and addresses to everyone without interfering with other spiritual practices.

The exercises-meditations are channeled live from the Sirians during your session and they correspond to your level of consciousness and unlock the facets of the inner self.

A session includes feedback regarding your practise, the results, conclusions, queries and anything that may come up during the training of the individual with the given exercise.

The application of the exercises is simple and dynamic, while the required time is just 10 minutes a day.

The benefits of the Sirian exercises are remarkable while they help in the harmonization and upgrade of the energy bodies, the clearing of the subconscious mind, they unlock the spiritual talents and healing - intuitive abilities, broaden the connection with the spiritual world, expand consciousness, bring healing etc.


The Sirian Training is indicated also:


For those who study by themselves about spirit and they wish a further support or to deepen in their studies.

To accelerate the spiritual path and growth.

For personal guidance and empowerment.

For people who live in distant or isolated areas and cannot attend spiritual gatherings, seminars, group meditations etc.

For anyone who wishes to discover more about their inner world and to reveal the gifts of their soul.


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The Sirian Training session can take place at Angels House or at distance (Telephone, skype).

1 Hour Session: 50€

Six-month training: 170€

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