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Some may wonder, What if Real is not True?

Have you ever felt that life is so much more than what you see around you? Why should there be so much pain in the world and why is something like that allowed to happen? Do you feel that happiness is a state which you should always be in but cannot understand why this is not happening?

Are you ready to leave illusions behind and take the red pill?

This teaching is older than time itself, and goes back beyond time. It composes the foundation of all Creation. The Merkaba is the primeval construction of Creation. Its knowledge leads to limitless power and with its practice one enters the creative power of All That There Is.

The mind is activated by this creative power, and everything there is inside it is led to be revealed in the natural world. Those communities which in the past possessed the knowledge of this practice, were evolved to guiding and transformational powers worldwidely. Egypt and Greece possessed this knowledge, just like Western communities do now.

This practice had always been kept secret. In the West, this knowledge is the teaching of the “Esoteric Temple” of the Masonic Lodge. A new elite of alchemists was accepted in the Masonic world in the 15th and 16th century and this knowledge was revealed to them. As a result a new generation of people was created, who had the power so that through the practice of Merkaba they would place the foundations of the Industrial Revolution and the modern society we now live in.

The Merkaba workshops are made in a way that the student can be presented with the reasons why this practice is of such great importance. It covers topics which in the past were considered to have such immense Power, that the knowledge shouldn’t be exposed to the world.

This knowledge was in the past given to men so that they would create a New Age. However, this knowledge has been misused by the few, so that the many would be controlled. At this specific time in human history and evolution, we are called by the Angels and the Masters to apply this knowledge of practice to create the New Age we all wish for...

I grant my thanks for these workshops to Kevin Core and Christine Core who taught me for the first time the Merkabah practice in 2004, as well as Drunvalo Melchizedek, who brought forward this teaching in 1995.


Memories from our Ancient Past & The Mer-Ka-Ba


merkaba_1There is one other main factor on which we shall focus during the Merkaba seminar. 13.000 years ago, we knew something about ourselves which we have completely forgot:

That the geometric energy fields around our bodies can rotate in a particular way, which is also connected with our breathing.

These fields used to rotate almost in light speed around our bodies but the speed decreased and they stopped rotating after the Fall. When this field activates and rotates, it is called Merkabah, and its use in this reality is unparallel. It gives us extensive knowledge of who we are, connects us with higher levels of consciousness and restores the memory of the endless possibilities of our existence.

The Word Merkaba: consists of three shorter words, Mer, Ka and Ba, which come from Ancient Egypt. These words have been found in other cultures as well in the form of: Merkabah, Merkaba and Merkavah. There are very many ways to pronounce it, but generally we pronounce it in three separate syllables, intonating each of them separately.

The Word Mer: refers to a specific quality of Light, which was comprehended in ancient Egypt during the period of the 18th Dynasty. It was perceived through their consciousness, as two oppositely rotating light fields which rotated in the same space, and functioned in a particular breathing pattern.

The Word Ka: refers to the independent spirit and Ba is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In other realities where spirits have no bodies, it refers to concepts or the interpretation of the reality they bring.

Therefore, the Mer-Ka-Ba is an oppositely rotating light field which affects the body and the spirit simultaneously. It is a vehicle that can transport the Spirit and the Body (or the “interpreted” reality) of a person from one world to another or one dimension to another.

To be precise the Mer-Ka-Ba is so much more than that, as it can create reality while moving through realities. Our purpose in the Merkabah seminar is to focus mainly on the part that it is a multidimensional vehicle which will help us return to the higher and authentic state of consciousness.


Golden Ratio & The Multidimensional Vehicle Mer-Ka-Ba


The ratio of the facade length of the Great Pyramid from the centre of its façade base in connection with the distance of the same point in the centre of the base square of the pyramid is 1:6.

It is under discussion whether this ratio was kept on purpose or not.

Euclid (3,000 B.C.) in “Elements” names the separation of a line in 0,6180399 “line separation in the Golden Ratio”. This later led to naming the Golden Rule. We do not have the precise archives of the Greek architects based on which the well-known temples and buildings, such as the Parthenon, were designed. Consequently, we do not know whether the Golden Rule was used on purpose in the architectural designs.

The American mathematician Mark Barr used the greek letter "φ'' so as to represent the Golden Ratio, taking the first letter of the Greek sculptor Feidias who used the Golden Ratio to make his sculptures.

Luca Paccioli wrote a book with the title “De Divina Proportione” (Divine Ratio) in 1509. It contains the sketches of the 5 Platonic Solids of Leonardo Da Vinci. Possibly Da Vinci was the first to give the name Sectio Aurea ( a latin word for Golden Section).

Today some mathematicians use the letter φ for the Golden Ratio and in other applications they use the greek letter "α'' or "τ", the first letter of the greek word for “section”.

merkaba_2The Golden Rule has a lot of interesting characteristics. It is believed that many things such as pictures with dimensions that are divided in the ratio of 1:φ are in some way more visually pleasant than other pictures in other ratios. In the Fibonacci ratio, numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13 where every number is the sum of the previous two numbers, the ratio of these numbers (their quotient) tends towards φ.

The resonance that the Divine Ratio has for the human eye and brain has been scientifically researched. A lot of psychological test, the ones of Gustav Fechner being first in the 19th century, showed that in a line of objects presented in rectangular frames, people chose as being more visually pleasant, the ones whose sides corresponded to the Golden Ratio.

However, the most amazing of all is that a number that esthetically attract people, appears in nature and science. Bring in mind, for example, how the leaves on a branch are organized. Each new leaf growing, does so by having a divergence in its angle in connection with the leaf right under it. The most common angle among fully grown leaves is 137,5, The Golden Angle. Why? Because 137,5=360-360/G where G stands for Golden Ratio.

Why does the Golden Ratio play a role in the arrangement of the leaves? This is owed to the irrationality of this number. The irrational numbers are the ones which cannot be expressed as a fraction, for example 5/2. “The Golden Ratio is perhaps the most irrational number of all irrational numbers” Livio says. The Golden Ratio is that continued fraction which tends to become integer, with the slowest pace in connection with all continued fractions” This is the key - characteristic of the Golden Rule.

Every leaf has to absorb the sunlight, without shading the leaves underneath. The plant has to arrange its leaves in a way so that the one being higher to have formed a spiral around the stem, before a new leaf grows right under it in the lowest part of the plant, and this is a divergence of 360 degrees. “There is no better way than choosing an angle among the leaves, which is based on a number which need more time to become integer” says Livio.



We can see the Golden Ratio in Positive Sciences too!

Even the Pythagoreans knew the connection between the Golden Ratio and the five-sided symmetry. Their symbol was a five-pointed star and the ratio of the length of the side of each triangle to its appeared base, is the Golden Ratio.

Maybe the most amazing fact is that the Golden Ratio appears in the Physics of the Black Holes, a discovery made by Paul Davies from the University of Adelaide in 1989. The Black Holes as well as other planetary bodies which have self powered gravity, such as the Sun, have a “negative special heat”. This means they become hotter when their temperature decreases. Basically, the loss of heat pushes the gases of a body such as the Sun, in inner pressure, allowing gravity to compress it into a smaller body. Then the gases are heated for the same reason the air in a bike pump heats as it is compressed.

Things are not so simple when it comes to a rotating black hole, since in that case there is an external centripetal force that acts so as not to allow the alteration of the black hole. This force depends on how fast the black hole rotates. It seems that in a specific critical point of the rotation price, the special heat of the black hole changes from negative to positive. And that means that instead of becoming hotter as it loses heat, it becomes cooler.

-What defines this critical point? The mass of the black hole and the Golden Ratio! Why is there a connection between the Golden Ratio and the Black Holes? “This is a true puzzle” Livio confesses. William Shakespeare clearly said: “There are more things in Heaven and on Earth"


What we tried to show is that all physical systems contain the Divine constructive foundation of the ratio of the Golden Rule. This is a knowledge very well hidden by the Greeks and the Egyptians, and before them, the Atlanteans.

merkaba_4In the 14th, 15th and 16th century, the incorporation of artists and alchemists in the Masonic classes led to a revolution in the field of Art, Architecture and Music.

It is known as the Golden Age of the Reformation and was started by those artists, when the knowledge of the Golden Rule and its role in the Divine Proportion was revealed to them.

Those artists incorporated in their drawings, buildings and music, the vibration of the Golden Rule, giving their works a quality of beauty one could only then find in nature.

The Arch in a Muslim temple and the gates of entrance in a Cathedral are both designed using two cutting cirles and Vesica Pisces but with positive angles in each of them. Through these gates, symbols of a spiritual path, we leave the path of the Many and enter the area of the One.

Most of us feel that our consciousness is created in the frames of our physical brain. But that is not so. Our brains are just the vehicle to accept the consciousness in this incarnation, this reality. We also exist in many levels of consciousness. Those levels or dimensions, correspond to music scales in an octave. Humanity has now focused on incarnation, the third level of consciousness.

We are working as a team for the forth level of consciousness and we are evolving towards the fifth. The magnetic construction of our electromagnetic energy bodies in each and every level of consciousness corresponds to one of the Platonic Solids. This electromagnetic energy field around each of our bodies in every dimension is our Merkaba Light Body for this level of consciousness.

The Golden Heart Merkaba Of Creation is a practice through which each of these Merkaba Light Bodies, rotates in a Divine measure to create an energy vortex within our consciousness on that level. All these sacred geometrical shapes have in their structures the energy of creation in the form of the ratio of the Golden Rule. These sacred geometrical shapes exist as a magnetic structure in our different Merkaba Light Bodies.

As we activate each one of these Light Bodies using this practice through their rotation, they create a vortex by which the Creative Energy of God is attracted in our Light Body, activating our consciousness in that level creating anything that exists in that level of our consciousness. We become a vortex of the Creation Energy. That’s the cause of the power of this practice and the reason why it had been kept secret until 1995.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos


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