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Expand, share, practice, heal!


The monthly “Action Group” gathering helps you take your skills beyond the fundamental teaching of the seminars!

At each meeting everyone is provided with the opportunity to practice new healing tools and receive insights and answers on queries that may come up after the angelic reiki seminar or through their personal expriences. Also there is group work and distant healing for planetary service or on other subjects that the group wishes to work on.

The “Action Group” is a wonderful opportunity to exchange healings, deepen in your skills and unleash your inner dynamic in the co-creation with angels.

Teaching angelic reiki since 2004, many things have been revealed. In these meetings we share with you this understanding.

The angelic reiki action group is for all students of Angels House University who have completed the angelic reiki 1st - 2nd degree seminar, or/ and 3rd - the degree seminar.


Dive into the limitless potential of the Divine Mind!


We will explore many different ways helping us to embody angelic reiki in our life, answer questions, experience new tools and have a lot of practice.

The angelic reiki “Action Group” creates an ideal space that helps you gain more experiences, providing you with confidence and new approaches either you apply it on your self and friends or you wish to offer it on profesional basis.

As a part of this meeting we do service work on global affairs. In co-creation with the healing angels we offer service to the planet, to humanity and  on other subjects that may be urgent that period or issues that the group wishes to work on.

The angelic reiki “Action Group” is a perfect opportunity for personal empowerment, deep healing and heartfelt contact with the family of angels!





A journey to the galactic angels’ world, a journey to peacefulness, serenity, inner balance, self awareness and the contact with higher energies, feelings that cannot be described just be experienced. Be well and may the path you have taken always be full of light. Athanasios M. (Thessaloniki)  Read more...


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16 October.2019 5 February 3 June
6 November 11 March
4 December 8 April  
8 January.2020 13 May  

Participation Information


Participation: 35€ | Monthly workshop: Wednesday 19:00 - 21:30

You are requested to attend at least 15 minutes earlier!

To participate please contact us!


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