What is Angelic Reiki

Introductory Article


By Frixos Christodoulou


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A system of transformation from the angels!


Angelic Reiki is a complete system of healing, self care and transformation. It is a transferable system which makes use of the energy of the divine mind.

Completely new in healing or with background in the healing arts can use this work to bring changes to any aspect they wish. Anyone can be channel for the energies of angels and apply it easily.

Angelic Reiki starts with a light touch and focused intent, opening a field of grace where reality can change. This field can be used to open new possibilities and transform situations that are related with disease, beliefs and the structure of reality.

When you apply Angelic Reiki you will usually feel the flow of energy inside and around and the person who receives experiences it and enters a state of deep relaxation or activation. This can happen with the person lying on a healing bed or sitting.

The participants are taught specific methods utilizing focused intention, the field of the heart in cooperation with the angelic energy allowing changes to occur.


Exploring Angelic Reiki


Angelic Reiki is not a “thing” or “something” to be defined, but rather a path to transformation and return to wholeness. This transformation takes place on multiple levels and on the information grid which forms reality.

The tools and the methods presented in a seminar consist a language which is used to navigate consciousness and trace the unfolding changes. For example the participants learn how to locate blockages in the energy and direct the new possibility through the third eye or in a multidimensional healing - one of the “tools” we use in Angelic Reiki - you can locate disharmonious patterns which have their source in other dimensions, parallel realities or in past incarnations and restore them in a harmonious and aligned state.

All possibilities are available through the field of the heart and the field of angels in which everyone has access in Angelic Reiki.


There are no limits in the healing of angels!


You do you do when you apply Angelic Reiki?

You reconnect with the All allowing the Divine Mind for which the angels are vehicles, to manifest the divine perfection in what we perceive as reality.

In Angelic Reiki a connection is established with the healing angels who do all changes or healing that needs to unfold the specific moment in order to bring the highest possible results.

What you truly need to do is to get yourself out of the way or the need to heal something, allowing the angels to make changes on the reality grid!

The grace of this system is in its simplicity.

The entire seminar experience is experiential and allows you to step into a new understanding, like learning new skills, a new language, something that will expand your perception about what is possible in a reality that seems many things cannot change.

Many situations, chronic issues, traumas, emotions and beliefs are usually transformed with grace in the sacred ground of the seminars. It is about a blessed experience filled with grace, love and heartfelt reconnection with spirit.

The experience of each one who joins these seminars is different and everyone experiences what they need and will help him the most at that moment in their personal path of self healing, expansion and self mastery. Every seminar is unique and is guided in such a way that benefits the group to the maximum.


The uniqueness of the Angelic Reiki attunements


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The dynamic of Angelic Reiki is found in the field of limitless possibilities which opens during the seminars and when applying Angelic Reiki during a healing session.

During the seminars we do energy attunements which grand access to the healing energies of angels and the angelic field with which the participants can contact and co-create with.

In Angelic Reiki the attunements are given directly from the angelic kingdom to the participants, confirming the purity of the energy and the highest attunement unlike other reiki systems where the attunements are filtered and transmitted through the consciousness of the teacher.

In each seminar are presented two energy clearings from karma, negative blockages and restrictive energies. These clearings have a direct purifying effect on the multiple bodies and the light body and they raise the vibration in order to follow the merging with the angelic consciousness.

Also a connection with the ascended Masters and the galactic Masters is established, giving access to more healing energies and possibilities. Then follows the attunement and merger with the angelic vibration and the healing angels.

In each seminar you will experience two attunements (1st - 2nd degree and 3rd - 4th degree respectively for each seminar). At this point the divine mind anchors in the conciousness the traditional reiki symbols and other, which are given in the angelic level and activated on the seven levels of form and divine form.

In Angelic Reiki we perceive symbols are vehicles for the archetypal energies of Creation. They are multidimensional portals of consciousness. You don’t need to memorize them or learn to draw them. From the time of the attunement to angelic reiki all participants have instant access to anything required and their action is guided automatically by the healing angels.

These attunements trigger a transformational process while they call all disharmonious pattern to return in alignment with divine perfection.

This does not affect only the raising of the person’s vibration but also transforms the DNA, the light body, expands perception and reconnects with the All and much more we cannot trace with the restrictive faculty of the senses. From that time on each participant is connected with a healing angel who accompanies them in all healings they do.

Another thing that makes Angelic Reiki unique is the merger with the angelic vibration and the Divine Mind. Here the participants become one with the angelic energy and the divine mind and from that level and the possibilities that open up all healings are done.

Becoming one with the angels and co-creating through the angelic field is totally different than applying a healing method and asking assistance from the angels.

Angelic Reiki works for any issue or situation you would like to shift. Many people who join these seminars have seen their life changing and discovered a deeper meaning of being.

In others awakens their personal talents and helps them to uncover their personal path and life purpose; it brings greater fulfilment, peace, clarity, understanding and renewal.

It is an inexhaustible and invaluable treasure through which you will draw every day. The angels and the field of the divine mind are their for you 24 hours a day! Angelic Reiki is a modern system of healing supported by the ancient wisdom and the new way of thought.

Its roots go back to the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, when angels and humans were as one. This ancient knowledge is reawakened at this time giving us the possibility to reconnect with the higher spheres of spirit.

Think for a moment, how would it be to merge with the living presence of angels? How would it be if you could feel now the energies of angels embracing you?

To truly understand the magnitude of this system you need to experience it. If you apply any other healing methods, if you wish to support your friends, family or friends, to connect with the angels in a deep way, Angelic Reiki provides you new tools and way of thinking which you can apply in anything you want to accomplish.


Introductory article on Angelic Reiki by Frixos Christodoulou.