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Welcome to Angels House University!

A different world that opens new perspectives and possibilities.
At Angels House we facilitate seminars on spirituality and energy
healing that encompass a new way of thought and experiencing
reality. Anyone can participate and apply them easily and directly,
for personal empowerment, healing and well-being.

We invite you to explore our website and read about the new
teachings and the articles we publish or register for our Newsletter
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Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou


Δωρεάν Θεραπεία


Κατέβασε δωρεάν τη θεραπευτική Συνεδρία Μισή Καρδιά.

Θα σε ενισχύει στο μονοπάτι σου και στο συναισθηματικό σου κόσμο: Αν αισθάνεσαι συναισθηματικό πόνο ή πόνο στην καρδιά. Αν πέρασες κάποιο χωρισμό, διαζύγιο ή απώλεια. Νιώθεις πως κάτι λείπει μέσα σου αλλά δεν ξέρεις τι…




Receive help from the Angels! Our new program! Abundance, Protection, Flow...




Learn Angelic Reiki, the healing system of our Time.



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Anonymous Love Letters!

Join the global anonymous Love Letters delivery! A beautiful activity began in February 2012 which encourages, elevates and empowers people in a very simple and essenti...

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Angelic Reiki to the Next Level!

With great success was accomplished the Angelic Reiki Update Workshop, in Athens on the 4 – 6 of December. The Co-Founder of this System of Healing, Christine Core, visit...

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Transition to our New Self!

Photo from: Philippe Sainte-Laudy in Flickr. I greet you all through the peace of the heart. The last period I’ve been thinking that many times in our life we fin...

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March: with the Family of Light in Germa…

Activation of the Sacred Heart! In the month of March we will visit Ochsenfurt, in Germany to work with the new energies and the new teaching of Mary Magdalene. We have w...

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The Goddess Returns to Aphrodite's Islan…

On the wonderful island of Aphrodite, Cyprus, we spent one entire month while in August we were given the opportunity to escape for a little bit to a different scenery. A...

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Wesak Festival in England & Work wit…

The month of April is coming to its end while the new beginnings for all Lightworkers and the entire humanity are signaled by the known sacred Wesak celebration in honor ...

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